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Simply measure the area you would like to cover, taking your existing overhang into consideration, or just measure the area and let us know what your overhang is and GL Aluminum will do the rest. We will be happy to get back to you with a quote as soon as possible, including approximate shipping costs.

GL Aluminum recommends approximately 1' of overhang around the perimeter of your deck or cement pad to protect it from the elements. Please let us know if you would like the overhang or if you have included it with your measurements.

Projection is the measurement from your point of attachment out to the very outside of the gutter. Width will be the distance along the point of attachment.

Request a Quote

When filling out your requirements below, please make sure to advise us of the following if applicable:

  • Are you planning to erect a free-standing structure or a peaked cover? If so, extra posts and beam will be necessary.
  • For custom designs or angles please send us photos or a drawing via email to carol . and we will guide you through the ordering and installation process.
  • Are you attaching to a mobile home? What kind of roof do you have on your home? 1st floor or 2nd floor application?

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GL Aluminum Patio Covers supply high quality, and affordable Do It Yourself Patio Cover and Carport Kits to Canada and the Western United States with installation available throughout the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

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